Selected Papers:

The Shirt of A Happy Man; catalogue, 1995, Belgrade, Yugoslavia

Alterimage; essay, 1996, Belgrade, Yugoslavia

Under The Shirt of A Happy Man; catalogue, 1996, Belgrade, Yugoslavia 

Parallel Worlds; abstract, CD ROM Catalogue, 1996, ICC (Museum of Electronic Art), Tokyo 

Dandelions, or: How I Stopped Worryng and learned to love The Globe; Virtual Revolution CD ROM, 1999, international collaboration funded by FACT-Liverpool, U.K.

Infonoise; paper, The Art of Persistence Symposium, 1999, Graz, Austria

Interactive Installation and its Representation; paper, Communication Front International Symposium, 2000, Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Works 1998 to 2001; This compilation of different writings came about from the necessity to clarify the evolutionary and generative processes of my work cycles

Theatre's Electronic Double; paper, Consciousness Reframed Conference, 2002, Caiia, Perth, Australia

Electronic Cruelty; paper, User_Mode Symposium, Tate Modern, 2003, London; 

Consciousness reframed 2003 (in print)

Orchestrating Reverberation; paper, Toward A Science of Consciousness, Tucson, Arizona, USA 2004 (conference proceedings and online database); 

Consciousness reframed 2004; Beijing, China

Fugue: an Interactive Immersive Audiovisualisation and Artwork using an Artificial Immune System (co-authors: Peter J. Bentley and Anthony Ruto) 4th International Conference on Artificial Immune Systems (conference proceedings

Metropolis: An Extreme and Hostile Environment; Mutamorphosis: Challenging Arts and Sciences. Prague, 2007. © Gordana Novakovic