The starting point for the series of works entitled "The Shirt Of A Happy Man", a collaborative project with Serbian composer Miroslav Savic, begun in 1991, was the fairy-tale carrying the same title. After finishing the work, a parable of this fairy tale, I discovered that it is not a well-known story. I did my best to find the original text, but having exhausted all the available resources I can only re-interpret it, until the day I find it again:

Once upon a time, in a far-far-away kingdom, lived a mighty King who was mortally ill. The King's doctors employed their whole knowledge, but it was all in vein. One day, an unknown wise man came and said: one night spent in the shirt of a happy man can heal the King. Having heard that, the King's administrators dispersed East and West, North and South, in search for a happy man. Alas, whomever they asked the question: are you happy? - gave the negative answer. After many weeks, exhausted and disappointed, they found themselves at a riverbank and saw a fisherman mending his net. Although it seemed unlikely that he was the one, they decided that they should ask him as well. And to their surprise he said: yes. They all jumped to him, demanding his shirt immediately, but the bewildered fisherman replied: I am sorry, I do not have one

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