In "Parallel Worlds" I established "modules" - polyvalent audio/visual entities - as basic elements for further composing or re-composing of the structure of the work through a process similar to organic or molecular structuring. "Parallel Worlds" evolved from the original video work into a live performance/installation/exhibition. In contrast with the usual structure of installation with elements that cannot exist autonomously as carriers of particular ideas, the modular concept enables every particle to act as an independent work of art which communicates itself, or produces more complex structures in interaction with other segments/modules. The basis for "Parallel Worlds" were paintings (68x96 cm) juxtaposing traditional painting technique (e.g. watercolour, ink or pastel) and computer-generated printed patterns of the form of Form. The original music was created using a process akin to the one employed in creating the visual aspect: the composer used the computer for generating and performing electronic sound juxtaposed with live piano performance.

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