The symbol of Ouroboros as a symbol for information noise was the starting point for my latest cycle (begun in 1997). The serpent and Form coincided in the shape of Ouroboros - the archetypal serpent biting its tail; in turn Ouroboros coincided with the symbol of the Moebius strip.The theatrical aspect of interactive art and the phenomenon of noise became focal conceptual questions. The first piece elaborating information noise was the minimalist plain-text "Info-Noise" (1998).

This text line is composed of headlines out of all Belgrade daily newspapers. The intention is to archive these materials weekly, for the next two months. The chosen day is Wednesday, a common day in the week. It will be presented as URL and plain text, in English and in Serbian language. The composition - similar to the surrealistic cut-ups - of daily headlines supposed to give an "objective reflection of reality ", becomes a "noise poem".