Short Biography

Originally a painter, with 12 solo exhibitions to her credit, Gordana has more than twenty years' experience of developing and exhibiting large-scale time based media projects. Her artistic practice and theoretical work that intersects art, science and advanced digital technologies has formed five Cycles: Parallel Worlds, The Shirt of a Happy Man, Infonoise and the ongoing Fugue. A constant mark of her work throughout her experiments with new technologies has been her distinctive method of creating an effective cross-disciplinary framework for the emergence of synergy through collabroation. Gordana exhibited and lectured at leading interdisciplinary festivals and symposia, and artistic and scientific conferences such as ISEA, Towards a Science of Consciousness and Mutamorphosis. Alongside her artistic practice, in the last five years Gordana has been artist-in-residence at the Computer Science Department, University College London, where she has founded and curates the Tesla Art and Science Group. She has received a number of international and British academic awards.




• 1969–1974: Fine and Applied Arts theory and practice (MFA) at Faculty of Art, Belgrade, Yugoslavia (Bauhaus model of transdisciplinary studies)


• 1974–1985 eleven solo exhibitions as a painter
• 1985 first experiments with applying the computer as a tool in visual art exhibited at a number of national and international festivals, solo and collective exhibitions
• 1991 co-founder of the Association of Electronic Media Artists in Serbia (AUEM)
• 1993 one of 300 international artists invited to collaborate on the project-in-progress of NTT/ICC Centre, Tokyo (Museum of Electronic Art) in exploring new art through new technologies
• 1996 co-founder of Cyber Rex, Belgrade's first new media centre
• 1998 A Short History of Electronic Art, series of lectures and presentations of artworks and projects from ex-Yugoslavian and international artists and theorists (author of conception, curator and moderator)
• 2002–3 Artist in residence at Smartlab New Media Centre at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design
• 2003 Honorary Research Fellow at Hypermedia Research Centre, University of Westminster, London
• 2004 Honorary Artist in Residence, Department of Computer Science, University College London
• 2005 AHRC/ACE Art and Science Fellow
• 2005 Leverhulme Trust Artist in Residence, Department of Computer Science, University College London
• 2006 Founder of Tesla Art and Science Group at Department of Computer Science, University College London
• 2007– 2009 Honorary Artist in Residence, and Tesla Group curator
Department of Computer Science, University College London
• 2009 – present Teaching Fellow, Artist in Residence and Tesla Group curator, Department of Computer Science, University College London
• 2010 Visiting lecturer, Central School of Speech & Drama

Selected Works:

1989 – 1996 Parallel Worlds Cycle:

(1989) Parallel Worlds multimedia work - “Ars Electronica”, Linz (Austria)
(1990) Parallel Worlds, performance - Computer Art Exhibition, ULUS Gallery, Belgrade, Yugoslavia; video screening and live music performance – Belgrade Festival of Contemporary Music, Yugoslavia; The Shirt of A Happy Man, multimedia and video – SIGGRAPH, USA; Berlin Festival of Computer Graphics; Interrelations, Belgrade, Yugoslavia; Cidade De Vigo Festival, Spain; Festival of Computer Art, Goeteborg, Sweden;
(1993) Parallel Worlds, multimedia work - SKUC Gallery, Ljubljana, Slovenia

1991 – 1996 The Shirt of a Happy Man Cycle:

(1991) The Shirt of a Happy Man, video installation, paintings utilising computer and performance - Protocol Gallery, Belgrade, Yugoslavia
(1993) Plotter Form, multimedia art project - Protocol Gallery, Belgrade, Yugoslavia; White Shirt, performance - ULUS Gallery, Belgrade, Yugoslavia; video screening - ISEA Symposium, Helsinki; Video dance, Cannes, New York, Lausanne.

(1995) The Shirt of A Happy Man Chapters 1–4 - installation in four stages, Exhibition Space of Philosophy Faculty of Belgrade, Yugoslavia
(1996) Under The Shirt of A Happy Man, interactive installation – ISEA Symposium, Montreal, Canada; BITEF - International Theatre Festival, Belgrade, Yugoslavia; Museum of Contemporary Art, Belgrade, Yugoslavia

1998 – 2002 Infonoise Cycle:

(1998) Info-noise, internet project – Net Symposium, Ars Electronica, Linz, Austria; (2001) Infonoise, online collaborative work-in-progress with Rainer Linz, Australia (digital music/programming) and Zoran Milkovic, Serbia (software/hardware engineering) - Interactive installation: Rex Cultural Centre, Belgrade, Serbia;

Live Internet video stream: Belgrade-Paris-Marseilles; Infonoise Machine, Infonoise installation reconfigured by Rainer Linz - The University of Tasmania, Plimsoll Gallery, Hobart, Australia; The MAXIS Festival, Sheffield, U.K.
(2002) Obsidian Mirror: interactive installation, Mediateque Symposium, Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design.

2004 – present Fugue Cycle:

(2005): New Forms Festival 05, Vancouver Canada; 4th International Conference on Artificial Immune Systems, Banff, Alberta, Canada; Hypermedia Research Centre, University of Westminster, London; EVA Conference (Electronic Imaging & the Visual Arts), UCL, London; Smartlab Seminar, Central St Martins School of Art and Design, London; Creative Evolution Conference, Goldsmiths College, London; GAGE Festival, Hull Time Based Arts, Hull, UK.

(2006): Nature Inspired Design AHRC/EPSRC network (video-installation); CEP (Consciousness and Experiential Psychology Section): Exploring the Boundaries of Experience and Self, (small scale interactive installation), Oxford; 50th Anniversary Summit of Artificial Intelligence, (small scale interactive installation) Monte Verita, Switzerland; Computational Models of Creativity in the Arts, (small scale installation), DANA Centre, London; Fusion 06, Ontario Science Centre, (screening), Toronto, Canada; 'Roof Garden Fugue', (screening), University College London (node.London network event); Fugue: major large-scale interactive exhibition, Galerija ULUS (Gallery of Association of Fine Arts of Serbia).

(2007) ENTER 3 Festival - Fugue interactive installation, Prague; Toward a Science of Consciousness (small scale interactive installation), Budapest.
(2009) Infectious: Stay Away, free-running real-time generated audio/video display, Trinity College Dublin Science Gallery, Dublin; free-running real-time generated audio/video display, exhibition at EVA London 2009.

Recent selected talks/presentations/publications:

(2015) WebWeWant, London South Bank Centre;Lumen Prize Symposium (invited speaker), London; Fugue project at Science Museum Lates, London; The Courtauld Institute of Art, Art and Vision Science Seminar, invited speaker

(2013) EVA London, 2013: Electronic Visualisation and the Arts, edited by Kia Ng, Jonathan Bowen and Sarah McDaid, BSC Learning and Development Limited: Fugue and Variations on Some Themes in Art and Science (chapter)

(2012) Association for Scientific Studies of Consciousness Conference & State of Mind: A Consciousness Expo, Brighton: Fugue free-running real-time generated audio/video display exhibition and chairing a panel

(2012) Risk_in_Sight at EPFL’s Rolex learning Centre, Lausanne: Fugue free-running real-time generated audio/video display (by invitation) and a chapter in catalogue

(2012) Lovebytes, Sheffield, Intuition and Ingenuity: The Impact of Alan Turing on Art exhibition, free-running real-time generated audio/video display, artists talk

(2011) ISEA Sabanachi University, Istanbul: artist’s talk: Plastic Brains in the Post-Digital World and panel

The Garden of Hybrid Delights (paper), in the series „Digital Research in the Arts and Humanities‟, edited by Charlie Gere and Hazel Gardiner, Ashgate Publishing
Are interactive digital artworks representations? with Annamaria Carusi and Timothy Webmoore, published in EVA London 2010 proceedings.
A new paradigm: plastic brains in the post-digital world, Digital Resources in Humanities and Arts 2010, Brunel University.

Artist's talk at Infectious: Stay Away, Trinity College Dublin Science Gallery,Dublin Subtle Technologies 2009, University of Toronto, Toronto
Fugue and Variations on some Themes in Art and Science (paper); The Interface Behind the Face (keynote), published in EVA London 2009 proceedings
The immune system as an invisible, silent Grand Fugue, in Commentary, Nature Immunology 10, 1043 - 1045 (2009) doi:10.1038/ni1009-1043, Luke A.J. O'Neill and Cliona O'Farrelly.

University College London Lunch Hour Lecture
Manufacturing - Festival of Art and Digital Culture, Torino, Italy
New Compounds, Art and Science in Collaboration, London
VizNet, The Second Interdisciplinary Conference on Intersections of Visualization Practices and Techniques, Loughborough University
Evidence of Value: the AHDS, the ICT Methods Network, and the use of ICT. Standards and Methods Conference, King's College London

 Mutamorphosis: Challenging Art and Science, Prague
CITRIS (Centre for Information Technology Research in the Interest of Society, UC Berkeley) Europe Research Symposium, Imperial College London

Goldsmith's College, Thursday Club
Nature Inspired Design Network, Birmingham
Exploring the Boundaries of Experience and Self, the 10th annual conference of the British Psychological Society Consciousness and Experiential Psychology Section, Oxford
O3ONE Gallery, Belgrade

Consciousness Reframed, Beijing, China
Creative Evolution Conference, Goldsmith's College, London
EVA Conference (Electronic Imaging & the Visual Arts), UCL, London

Newforms05: Ecologies, Vancouver, Canada (paper and exhibition) University of Arts, Transdisciplinary Studies, Belgrade, Serbia Belgrade University of Arts, Interdisciplinary Postgraduate Studies

Toward A Science of Consciousness, Tucson, Arizona, USA (poster)

 User_Mode Symposium, Tate Modern, London
Consciousness Reframed, Caiia, Newport, U.K. (published as „Electronic Cruelty‟, in Engineering Nature: Art and Consciousness in the Post-biological Era, Ed. Roy Ascott, Intellect 2006)


(1996) City Museum of Belgrade
(1998) Open Society, Yugoslavia
(2000) Australian Arts Board (collaboration with Rainer Linz)
(2004) Arts Council England Individual Grant
(2005) AHRC/ACE Art and Science Fellowship; Leverhulme Artist-in-residence Fellowship; Brain Gain Grant, World University Service (WUS)
(2006) Association of Fine Artists of Serbia (ULUS) solo-exhibition production grant; UCL Graduate School Award (Tesla events)
(2007) AHRC ICT Methods Network grant; ULUPUDS (Association of Fine Arts of Serbia) Distinguished Artist Award

Other activities:

Member of BCS Computer Arts Society Specialist Group, Founding member of Bashta Art Collective, member of the Institute for Unnecessary Research