For twenty years I have been experimenting with the use of electronic and digital technologies as artistic tools. My work, at the intersection of art, science and technology, has formed four distinct cycles. Each cycle is the result of about five years of multi-faceted explorations within the framework of a specific theme and in a variety of media. I am a great believer in interdisciplinary team-work, and I have frequently worked in collaboration with composers, engineers, and scientists. As an artist working with interactivity, I have been researching what happens to our bodies and brains during and after our interaction with digital technologies. This has led me to explore the new science of brain plasticity, and I am currently working towards a theory and practice of neuroplastic art. Alongside my artistic practice, I have been for over ten years artist-in-residence at the Computer Science Department at University College London. In 2005 I founded the Tesla Art and Science Research Interest Group. Tesla has been the main focus of my curatorial activities, in which I programme and chair talks, discussions, and symposia in the field of art and science.


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